When cancer invades your life, you want to be whole again. More than just a survivor. You want to be better.

What if there was a place that provides just that? A central location that combines years of experience with leading-edge treatment? Somewhere you can go that is close to home, but provides world-class diagnostics, treatment, education and prevention services? A place that assures you that you’re not alone; that you will be stronger, together with those who have your best interests at heart?

This is not a dream. It will be, with your support.

It is the SECU Comprehensive Cancer Care Center.

For decades our residents have traveled both locally and across the state to receive the comprehensive cancer care they needed. Although our region is home to excellent, caring physicians, never before have they had the necessary tools readily available in one location to diagnose, treat, and support cancer patients holistically.

Right here. At home.

CarolinaEast Health System, in partnership with UNC Health Care, is committed to providing that by building an approximately 80,000 square foot, free standing, state of the art Comprehensive Cancer Center equipped with the spaces and tools that support a comprehensive, patient-centered model of care.