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Cancer rates are staggering in Eastern North Carolina.

Some of North Carolina’s highest annual cancer incidence rates are right in our backyard, bordering Craven and neighboring counties. Cancer is also the leading cause of death in Craven County.

Annual cancer incidence by county (annual, 2009-2013 NCI.CDC State Cancer Profiles).

Cancer deaths occur at a much more frequent rate in our region than anywhere else in North Carolina and the US.

Annual cancer deaths by county (annual, 2009-2013 NCI.CDC State Cancer Profiles).

Our current facilities

are inundated with cancer patients at all stages

General staging of 935 new local annual cancer cases:

Radiation Oncology visits:

Annual local infusions:

Cancer treatment options

are fragmented

We are proud of the excellent care our local physicians currently offer. Providing enhanced care and services to our community, with support from UNC Cancer Care, will only benefit all local cancer patients.

For example, patients may receive several hours of chemotherapy infusions in one location, and then travel to another location to receive radiation treatment on the same day. Support services such as social workers, patient navigators and nutrition counseling also function in separate locations.

Our new Comprehensive Cancer Center will consolidate all of the integral facets of recovery into one location, providing care that is better together. Yes, protocols will undoubtedly disrupt normal life, but patients will still be able to stay better connected to their normal activities and support networks.

Teachers will have less time away from their students, moms and dads will have less time apart from their children, and the community will have fewer disruptions.


see the benefits

“Centralizing cancer care under one roof will allow us to offer robust palliative care, nutrition counseling and other support services for our patients. The new cancer center will help improve the overall quality of our comprehensive cancer care by unifying our services in one fantastic location.”

Seth Miller, MDRadiation Oncologist

“The partnership with UNC Health Care is a great collaboration. A larger portfolio of clinical trials will be of great benefit to our patients.”

Chris Taylor, MDMedical Oncologist